About Us

Smart Axis is a young company, made up of a team of IT specialists with over 15 years of experience. Experience in IT & C, the skills and certifications of our team members guarantee you the optimal IT & C infrastructure solutions within your company, solutions that automatically lead to more efficient business. The solutions offered cover a very broad spectrum:

  • consultancy in choosing and implementing various IT & C solutions as well as post-implementation support;
  • consultancy and assistance in documenting various IT & C projects;
  • disaster / recovery solutions, security solutions;
  • IT audit, project management;
  • outsourcing of IT;
  • technical assistance and maintenance subscriptions.

Our IT & C specialists have obtained Microsoft and ISO 27001 certifications and qualifications.

Smart Axis, through the solutions offered, always acts proactively for the integrity and security of your company data. In addition, our specialists respond promptly to any IT & C question.