IT Consulting

With over 15 years of experience in IT & C, our specialists provide you with the highest level of IT consulting for your IT infrastructure, thus gaining competitive advantages. Our consulting services include:

  • recommendations on the standardization and optimization of IT & C infrastructure;
  • impact studies, implementation scenarios for any IT project;
  • wired and wireless data network hardware and software solutions;
  • recommendations and support in choosing and implementing backup and disaster / recovery solutions;
  • the establishment of an effective security strategy for IT & C infrastructure and stored data;
  • advice on optimal choice of hardware and software purchases;
  • consultancy for a fair and legal choice in the licences purchases of various software;
  • support for upgrades, virtualization and migration;
  • recommendations on making a website or other WEB applications.

IT Consulting is part of the company’s development strategy to provide a competitive edge in the market. We address both small and medium-sized corporations and large corporations. For a detailed analysis, contact our specialists with confidence.

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