GDPR Consulting

Since 25 May 2018, the new EU Personal Data Protection (GDPR) has entered into force. This new Regulation has a significant impact on all sectors of activity. All companies need to revise their current data protection compliance procedures to identify potential issues and implement the necessary changes to align with the new GDPR rules. Failure to comply with this new Regulation may have a major impact on the activity of any company, both financially – through the huge fines that can be given as well as in terms of the reputation of the company.

The SMART AXIS team supports you by providing consulting services related to GDPR implementation such as:

  • Performing an Audit to identify the differences between your company’s current procedures and the new requirements of the European Personal Data Protection (GDPR) Regulation;
  • Verifying how your company can meet the new requirements of the directive, such as portability, notification or deletion of personal data;
  • developing new procedures, compliant documents, etc .;
  • Implementing the new information security solutions to protect the personal data.

Applying the new GDPR regulations, is a process that lasts throughout your company’s business. The introduction of new data processing activities – online commerce, the implementation of a video monitoring system, marketing campaigns, the change of a service provider processing some of the personal data (eg accounting company, HR etc.) – you must to make sure that all these new changes comply with GDPR regulations.

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