IT Audit

We offer IT Auditing services and IT Infrastructure Security services for yours company. The purpose of IT Auditing is to identify and analyze the potential risks, mitigate or eliminate them, in order to optimize the IT infrastructure and, implicitly, the overall activity of your company..

Our specialists are ISO27001 certified. Information Security Management System (SMSI) ISO 27001 is a standard that provides specific requirements for the design, implementation and certification of an information security management system that helps the company to establish and deliver optimal information security policies and consistent objectives with the legal requirements applicable to the performed activity.

Auditing IT infrastructure within the company requires a high level of analysis that will take place in stages.

  • Preliminary analysis – Collecting information from all departments of the company, identifying IT infrastructure deficiencies;
  • Research – hardware and software inventory, analysis of existing licenses and planning of the software legalization process, centralization of previous IT vulnerability history;
  • IT Risk Assessment – identifying the IT infrastructure vulnerability and penetration testing, checking the existence of disaster / recovery solutions;
  • Data processing and IT audit plan development – developing a strategic IT infrastructure optimization plan and IT Risk Management;
  • Implementation of the IT Audit plan – short, medium and long term planning of implementation of IT Auditor recommendations and their implementation;
  • Final Audit Results – increase IT infrastructure efficiency, improve IT security, reduce the negative impact that incidents have on the operation and development of the company.
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